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Square Dance #3

Square Dance #3

Linocut, red, 32cm x 32cm, Stonehenge paper

  • Description

    Unique Linocut Hand Pulled Fine Art Print 

    I made this print by photo-etching images of an aloe plant on to squares of lino. I then inked the squares up, covered them with a sheet of Stonehenge paper and ran it all through the printing press. Whilst I have made other prints using the same lino squares, I have used different colours and arrangements. Accordingly, this is a unique artwork.

    Succulents have long been a source of inspiration for artists, sculptors and architects in search of beautiful forms and symbols. Personally, I love the way in which they make such a wonderfully rich tones and such wonderfully intriguing shadows.

    To ensure safe arrivel, this print will be wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in a very sturdy tube.

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