About Nigel Gray

Nigel Gray

One of the first things I did when I moved from Northern Ireland to Australia in 2001 was to sign up for a printmaking course. Having been taught the rudiments by Meike Cohen, I went on to do three years of courses under the tutelage of Bruce Latimer, Gary Shinfield and Rew Hanks. In 2005, however, the focus of my free time shifted to the wonderful art of being a dad to two beautiful daughters.


Since returning to art in 2018 I have done various painting, abstraction, life drawing and printmaking classes under the tutelage of Kevin McKay, Jemma Roberts, Paul Millar and Susan Baran.

I find inspiration in lots of different things: observing the beauty and order of creation reminds me that "the heavens declare the glory of God"; observing the beauty of the human form reminds me that "we are fearfully and wonderfully made"; and observing the beauty of the built environment reminds me of my early dreams of being an architect. I love tone and texture, the drama of monochrome, the excitement of pulling a print and the camaraderie between practising artists.

I'm very happy to be working four days a week as an assistant minister and I'm thankful to have such an interesting and creative pastime to occupy me on my days off. As someone has said, "printmaking is fun because it takes a perfectly simple process like drawing and makes it as complicated and error prone as possible!"

Do enjoy browsing and please contact me if you'd like to buy something or if you have any queries.


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