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Exhibitions & Awards

"An exhibition is the result of your experiments, but the process is never-ending. So an exhibition is not a conclusion...The studio is a laboratory, not a factory." Chris Ofili

That said, it's very encouraging to see visitors enjoying one's work at an exhibition. Commendations, prizes and red dots are the icing on the cake!


Warringah Printmakers Studio

Members only

Creative Space Gallery, Curl Curl

15-26th November, 2023

Works: Pier Pleasure #3, Saturday Morning #1, Shadows Playing on Stairs, Safe Harbour


Northern Beaches Gallery

Open entry

Northern Beaches Gallery, North Curl Curl

4-30th November, 2023

Work: Laps and Snaps #5


Hunters Hill Art Prize 2023

Open entry

Hunters Hill Council

12th - 22nd October, 2023

Work: Zebras Crossing


Little Things Art Prize 2023

Open entry

Saint Cloche Gallery

27th September -8th October, 2023

Work: Pad Thai


Ewart Prize 2023

Members of Willoughby Arts Centre

Willoughby Arts Centre

16th-30th September, 2023

Work: Deep in the Bush

Prize: Commendation in the Printmaking category


Parlons Gravures

What do you do when a French Facebook printmaking group numbering 26,000 members pinches your image for their banner? Answer: take it as a compliment!

24th April, 2023 - ?

Work: Summer Fun

A screenshot of the Facebook Group Parlons Gravures featuring an extract of Nigel Gray's monotype 'Summer Fun'.


In The Buff

Twelve artists from the Willoughby Arts Centre Life Drawing group

Ewart Gallery, Willoughby Arts Centre

1st - 7th February, 2023

Work: 9 x monotypes


The Other Art Fair 2022

140 artists selected from all over Australia

The Cutaway, Barangaroo, Sydney

1st - 4th December, 2022

Work: wide range of monotypes, etchings and collagraphs

Weeks of hard work went into preparing for this exhibition - mounting, framing, bagging, pricing and more. I met scores of art lovers and spent a lot of time explaining what monotypes are and how I go about making them. Thank you to all my customers and to my family and friends who visited to show their support. Whilst I enjoyed the whole experience, learned a lot and sold enough to cover my costs, I won't be giving up my day job just yet!


Ewart Prize 2022

Members of Willoughby Arts Centre

Willoughby Arts Centre

21st May - 4th June, 2022

Work: Keeping an Ear Out

Prize: 1st in the Printmaking category

I was honoured to receive first prize in the Printmaking category of the Ewart Art Prize 2022. David Van Nunen, President of the Australian Watercolour Institute, presented the awards. An added bonus was that my work had a little red dot beside it!


Cornucopia Exhibition

Students of the Kur-ring-gai Art Centre

Kur-ring-gai Art Centre

11th February - 4th March, 2021

Work: Under Their Own Fig Tree

The intriguing question posed to entrants of this Exhibition was 'What symbolises plenty in your life?' I suspect that good company, a good book, a cool box and a comfy chair under a big shady tree by the beach on a beautiful, sunny afternoon wouldn't be too far off the mark for most. This brought to mind the idea for the title, Under Their Own Fig Tree - a biblical symbol of the security and abundance God promises his people when they trust and obey him. The concept obviously struck a chord because a fellow Christian student bought it immediately.


Green Dream Exhibition

Students of the Kur-ring-gai Art Centre

Kur-ring-gai Art Centre

7th-28th May, 2020

Work: Green Dream

This work was just a bit of fun in my early days of experimenting with hand printing a la Dan Tirels technique.


Light and Shade Exhibition

Students of the Kur-ring-gai Art Centre

Kur-ring-gai Art Centre

21st November - 12th December, 2019

Work: Light and Shade Playing on the Stairs

With my focus on light and shade, the Escher-like quality of this staircase in Salzburg only struck me after the event.


Art for All Exhibition

Members of the St Swithun's Art for All group

St Swithun's Church, Pymble

3rd-17th November, 2018

Works: Garlic, Square Dance

One of the favourite things I get to do in my job is to encourage people to use their creativity by joining our church's monthly art group. I don't get to actually do art but I always enjoy the chatting to the artists over a nice cuppa. It was a real joy to see quite a few absolute beginners discover talents they never knew they had and so thrilled to participate in an exhibition. Cajoled into submitting something myself, I eventually got my paints out at the last minute and submitted Garlic as the paint was still drying! I was so pleased with it, I turned down a good offer from someone to buy it and it hangs in our front room today.


Force of Nature Exhibition

Northside Printmakers from Hornsby TAFE

Palm House, Royal Botanical Gardens

10th-25th September, 2005

Work: Ambiguity

What a treat it was to exhibit in the Palm House of Sydney's historic Royal Botanical Gardens! There were no problems with lighting!


Arts North Acquisitive Exhibition

Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE Students

See Street Gallery, Sydney

11th March - 6th April, 2005

Work: Ambiguity

It's not every day you receive a letter saying you've been 'acquired' but it's certainly an encouragement for the many days you don't! I hadn't even heard of acquisitive exhibitions before but I was very pleased that the Arts North Exhibition selected Ambiguity for permanent display - and paid me top dollar into the bargain


The Prize: 2004

TAFE Arts and Design student finalists

Sydney then Gosford, Lismore, Cooma, Albury, Broken Hill, Armidale Regional Galleries

25th November 2004 - 9th October 2005

Work: Ambiguity

Prize: Commendation in the 2D Works Rendered By Hand category

I was very happy to receive an award for my entry in the ‘TAFE NSW Arts and Design: The Prize 2004’. My etching Ambiguity won a commendation in the 2D Works Rendered By Hand section. The judges were Marguerite Derricourt (sculptor), Liane Rossler (designer) and Mark Titmarsh (filmmaker) and the awards were presented by The Hon Dr Andrew Refshauge MP, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Training for NSW.

After opening in the Downing Centre, Sydney (25 November 2004-29 January 2005), 'The Prize 2004' exhibition toured six regional galleries the length and breadth of New South Wales - a 4600km journey equivalent to a circuit of the British Isles: Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, Gosford (5 February-13 March, 2005); Regional Gallery, Lismore (29 March-7 May, 2005); Raglan Gallery and Cultural Centre, Cooma (12-29 May, 2005); Regional Art Gallery, Albury (3-26 June, 2005); Regional Art Gallery, Broken Hill (1 July-14 August, 2005); New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale (26 August-9 October, 2005)


Shades of Gray Exhibition

Nigel Gray

Chez moi, Hornsby Heights

12th-13th April 2004

Works: Multiple

Don't believe everything you read in the papers! My Irish accent must have been fairly unintelligible to the reporter who interviewed me about my upcoming home solo exhibition. She writes how the people in my artwork 'Ambiguity' are hard to find but I can unambiguously confirm that there are no people in the picture at all, no matter how long and hard you look!


A Night of Passion Exhibition

Nigel Gray

St Luke's Church, Hornsby Heights

26th November 2004

Works: Multiple

Our local church transformed its meeting area into a very funky, gallery-style space to host a special night of music, food and art. A brilliant live performance of jazz music was interspersed with tasty food, coffee, dessert and art. Our minister, Denis Oliver, rounded off a great evening explaining why passionate creativity is so close to God's heart.


Sydney Gallery School Printmaking Majors Exhibition

Third Year Students of Rew Hanks at Meadowbank TAFE

Hardware Fine Art, St Leonards

29th October - 13th November, 2004

Works: Ambiguity, Enigma

Having internationally-renowned Sydney-based printmaker, Rew Hanks, as my tutor for my time at the Sydney Gallery School was a tremendous privilege. I also learned a lot from rubbing shoulders with classmates like Sandi Rigby and Bev Filmer. Given the extremely high standard of the works in the end of year exhibition, I was super pleased that my works 'Ambiguity' and 'Enigma' were both selected.


2004 Willoughby City Art Prize & Exhibition

Open prize

Willoughby Civic Centre

4th-12th September, 2004

Work: Ambiguity

This was the first time I had submitted a work to an open exhibition and so I was particularly pleased that it was accepted.


Works on Paper

Nigel Gray and Maise Cameron

Chez nous, Hornsby Heights

13th-14th December, 2003

Works: Multiple

Hosting an exhibition in your own home is fun. The downside is that, on top of everything you've got to do to get your artworks ready, you've got to clean the house before and after! Joined by Maysie Cameron from my TAFE class, we had a very enjoyable weekend catching up with family and friends and explaining the intricacies of the etching process. I felt the exhibition was a great success given that I managed to sell 24 works. OK, they were all small and very keenly priced but that’s still 23 more than Van Gogh sold in his lifetime!


Exhibition 2003

Graduating Hornsby TAFE Fine Arts students

TAFE, Hornsby

3rd-12th December, 2003

Work: Rusty Old Steed


Miniatures Competition

Hornsby TAFE Fine Arts students

TAFE, Hornsby

16th-20th June, 2003

Works: Leafy Vortex, Bloody Bridge, George’s Shed, Collateral Damage


Infraspect Exhibition

Hornsby TAFE Fine Arts and Ceramics students

TAFE, Hornsby

27th November - 6th December, 2002

Work: Wintery Lane

Putting one of your artworks on public display is a bit daunting first time around. Submitting a work entitled 'Wintery Lane' to an exhibition in the middle of a blistering Aussie summer is one (unproven) way of trying to make one's work stand out from the crowd!



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