Hand-pulled drypoint print.


This is my second attempt at making a drypoint print using a plastic plate as a matrix. I began by making lines in the plate using a sharp etching tool. I then rolled ink over it, working it into the grooves. I built up the image by creating lighter tones by wiping away more or less ink. I then placed a piece of dampened Hahnemuhle paper over the plate and ran it through my printing press. The result is a print that is one-of-a-kind, albeit in a variable edition.


Image size: 26.0cm x 25.5cm. Paper size: 39.0cm x 74.0cm.


The subject is inspired by the rip-roaring story of my wife's fourth great uncle, Joshua Abraham Norton. To cut a long and amazing story short, Norton declared himself the Emperor of the United States of America in 1859. I have chosen to depict him in front of the Golden Gate Bridge under construction - a development that eventuated many years after he had decreed and ordered it!


This print will be wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in a very sturdy tube to ensure it gets to you safely.

Emperor Norton the First #2