Prints 2004-2005

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Prints made under the tutelage of Rew Hanks at the Sydney Gallery School.


37cm x 30cm, etching, aquatint

Safe Harbour

29cm x 20cm, etching, aquatint

Somewhere in Ireland

8cm x 11cm, etching, aquatint


13cm x 6cm, etching, aquatint


35cm x 27cm, etching, aquatint


37cm x 26cm, etching, aquatint

Square Dance

32cm x 32cm, etched linocut

Funky Trunk

25cm x 19cm, etching, aquatint

Trees make for wonderfully intriguing subject matter. In 1870, a Moreton Bay fig tree was planted in the front lawn of Russell's first police station only a few feet from the shores of the Bay of Islands. It would have witnessed many non-friendly encounters between British settlers and native Maori in the days when Russell, the first permanent European settlement and sea port in New Zealand, was known as Kororareka. Having survived most of New Zealand's existence, this gnarly tree is now admired by thousands of tourists strolling along the promenade. I couldn't resist trying to capture something of the intricacies of its entangled branches.

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