Prints 2002-2003

Updated: Jan 21

Prints produced under the tutelage of Bruce Latimer and Gary Shinfield at Hornsby TAFE.

Wintery Lane

13cm x 16cm, etching, aquatint

Night Sentries

25cm x 15cm, etching, aquatint

Whitsunday Reverie

16cm x 24cm, etching, aquatint, burnishing

George's Shed

8cm x 13cm, etching, aquatint

George's Shed was built by George Ellis on his gold mine in the hills west of Coffs Harbour. Having brought prepared plate with me on holiday, I etched the scene en plein air. I was particularly impressed with the way the original George had fashioned the hinged door frame and its diagonal out of one piece of wood.

Secret Message

17cm x 25cm, etching, aquatint, burnishing

As soon as a Dutch friend of mine saw this print, she knew what the ambiguous title was referring to and felt compelled to buy the print. Traditionally, windmill blades

were adjusted by the miller to broadcast information about weather conditions and other news. Positioning the top sail a little before the vertical indicated the joy of births or weddings; positioning it just past the vertical meant mourning.


13cm x 12cm, etching, aquatint

Collateral Damage

7cm x 12cm, solar plate

Anto's Shed

Being city folk, Delia and I used to love visiting long-standing friends of Delia, Anto and Sue White, on Aberbaldie - the farm they managed just outside Walcha. Walking around the property, my eye was drawn to Anto's Shed, offering, as it did, some lovely tonal contrasts, interesting line work and an idyllic setting. The photos of my workbook show a few of the steps in the process of making an etching and aquatint. Anto was very chuffed when I eventually gave him one of the prints as a birthday present.

Rusty Old Steed

17cm x 24cm, etching, aquatint, burnishing


4cm x 23cm, etching, aquatint

Wheel of Fortune

32cm x 30cm, reduction linocut

Leafy Vortex

photo etching

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