Prints 2001

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Prints produced under the tutelage of Meike Cohen at the Willoughby Arts Centre.

Somewhere in Italy

I pulled this, my first print, on the 24th July 2001. Meike Cohen did a sterling job guiding me through the basics of the process. Using a plein air sketch I'd done a year or two earlier on holiday in Limone as a reference and eager to use the press as soon as possible, I very quickly sketched an image on the zinc plate without too much regard for composition. I was very pleased to be able to take home a print hot off the press that same night (something I can't remember doing since!)

Irish Moonlight

7cm x 25cm, etching, aquatint

I learned how to do an aquatint in the process of making my second etching. I was very excited about being able to add different tones to compliment my line work. I used a sketch of Rosses Point, Co Sligo, that I'd done years before. The simplicity of this print and the feelings of Ireland it evokes, keeps it in my favourites category.

Venetian Moonlight

10cm x 20cm, etching, aquatint

Third time proved not to be so lucky as far as my printmaking experience was concerned. However, it did introduce me to the technique of burnishing. The composition was taken from a sketch I'd done on a trip to Venice a year or two previously.

Bloody Bridge

4cm x 5cm, etching, aquatint

It didn't take long before I got around to making an etching featuring the Mourne Mountains. The bridge got its macabre name when, in 1641, a prisoner exchange went awry and the group being marched along the route were massacred at the site. At only 4 x 5cm, this work was small enough for me to submit it in a miniatures exhibition.

Colour craze

15cm x 23cm, monotype

This monotype was the result of a quick exercise in using up ink left over by class mates. I suspect it wouldn't have turned out quite as nicely if it had been me choosing the colours!

Summer Days

14cm x 24cm, monotype

This is my wife Delia's favourite and she keeps telling me I shouldn't have sold it! Very simple but very evocative of Irish summer days with luscious green grass and (the occasional) blue sky.

The Storm

15cm x 23cm, monotype

Another exercise in using up left over ink. I like the way in which dark-field monotypes produce such dramatic tonal contrasts.

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