Mid North Coast beauty

Updated: Jan 16

'Coming into Rollands Plains', monotype, 29.5cm x 75cm, Akua ink on Hahnemuhle paper

Spending a fortnight on holiday in Port Macquarie gave me the opportunity to explore its beautiful hinterland. The countryside was looking glorious after the recent rain and the little roads I chose were pleasantly tourist free.

Prior to leaving home, I did quite a bit of preparation so I would be able to do some printing whilst away. I was interested to see how I would fare away from all the paraphernalia of my studio. I drew one plate up actually 'on the road' and hand-printed it, and a few more, back in the comfort of our apartment. (You can read and watch a video about how I got on with that in my blog post entitled 'Printing on the Road').

My main aim of my exploration was to take lots of photos I could use as a reference for works I would do when I got home. The image above is the first cab of the rank.

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