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Monotypes in the making: 'Keeping an Ear Out'

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Here's another time-lapse video showing a bit of how I made this monotype.

I love the rich, deep shadows cast by trees in the harsh Australian sunlight. They're even more intriguing when graced with the silhouettes of beautiful, healthy cows. Catching this image was quite a challenge as I discovered cows can be very shy. After several unsuccessful attempts, I managed to find four that were happy to line up for me.

'Keeping an ear out', monotype, 45.5cm x 65.8cm, Akua ink on Hahnemuhle paper

Here's a video of me preparing the plate and doing the main wiping away of ink. Unfortunately, I didn't record the trickiest bit i.e. adding the fence. Enjoy!

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