Leftover inkspiration

Updated: Jan 16

'Capped', monotype, 25cm x 21cm, (2021)

What do you do with leftover ink? It's a shame to just throw it out. Personally, I find it provides the ideal opportunity to experiment. I think the sense of having nothing to loose helps to free me up to try new things and work more spontaneously. I'm hoping that, over time, this freer approach will work its way into more of my work.

Recently I've been using a palette knife to create ad hoc portraits from my imagination. The coloured prints are actually my first monotypes and were motivated by the inclination to clean up the collective leftover ink after one of my first classes away back in 2001.

'Colour craze', monotype, 14cm x 23cm (2001)

'Summer days', monotype, 14cm x 24cm, (2001)

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