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"Man gives you the award but God gives you the reward." (Denzel Washington)

The Prize 2004

TAFE NSW Arts and Design Students

Award: commendation in the 2D Works Rendered By Hand section

25th November, 2004

Work: Ambiguity

The sixty-six students finalists for this prize were chosen by judges Marguerite Derricourt (sculptor), Liane Rossler (designer) and Mark Titmarsh (filmmaker). The awards were presented by The Hon Dr Andrew Refshauge MP, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Training for NSW. The presentation ceremony and opening exhibition took place in the Downing Centre, Sydney. Being so focused on printmaking at the time, I never bothered to collect my prize of $200 worth of paints!


Arts North Acquisition

Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE Students

Award: Acquisition

6th February, 2005

Work: Ambiguity

It's not every day you receive a letter saying you've been 'acquired' but it's certainly an encouragement for the many days you don't! I hadn't even heard of acquisitive exhibitions before but I was very pleased that the Arts North Exhibition selected Ambiguity for permanent display - and paid me top dollar into the bargain!


Northern Ireland Schools Poster Competition

Construction Industry Training Board, Northern Ireland

Award: First prize

1st November, 1976

Being summoned to the Principal's office was never something students desired in my school. Rather than receiving the dressing down I feared, I received his hearty congratulations for winning a competition I'd entered months previously and not thought of since. I won the princely sum of 25 pounds and a silver trophy the school consigned to its treasury for posterity. This is, undoubtedly, the closest I ever got to being a poster boy!

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